Concept / Design / Retrofit / Construction / Relocation of MDF & IDF Closets and Data Centers. 

Data Center Design, Layout and Construction Management services to ensure proper continuity between the Design & Build process while staying closely aligned with IT and the Line of Business owners. 

Consulting Services

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Information Technology, the heart of every business.  From the critical Foundational aspects of the Data Center including precision Power & Cooling, through the traditional components of IT including Compute / Virtualization / Storage & Data Protection / Converged Infrastructure and Management solutions.  B5 is uniquely positioned to expertly assist your business operations between private, hybrid and public cloud computing. 

Data Center Design &  Management

With a holistic blend of expertise spanning the physical aspects of a Data Center through the entire IT Stack and into the Cloud, B5 takes a macro view of environmental aspects, goals and initiatives and matches that with desired Business outcomes to achieve success for our clients.

 Uniquely bridging the physical infrastructure, Data Center,  and Cloud