​​​​Design and Layout is the foundational aspect of a building project, especially with respect to a Data Center.  Whether you are laying out a IDF closet, redesigning an existing data center, retrofitting a new space for a data center or designing a ground up build for a data center the design and layout is the most important aspect of the build.  It will set the stage for your overall IT foundation and ensure we take into effect the design criteria of an on-premise data center, a potential Colo facility, a DR location and or leveraging the cloud.

  • Data Center Spatial Design
  • IDF / MDF / BDF Closet Design - Power & Cooling Considerations
  • UPS Power & Distribution
  • Emergency Power Options
  • Rack & Power Layout
  • Precision Cooling Hot & Cold isle Design
  • Cable Management Philosophy
  • Fire Suppression Design

Data Center Design & Layout