Precision Power & Cooling Design

I learned a big lesson of the importance of Power and cooling when I sold my first Enterprise EMC storage array.  The day EMC arrived to install that system, I received a prompt call stating they would not install the array because the power was not clean nor conditioned.  After my bewilderment ended, I finally realized the severity of my error when I put it into car terms.  Why or How could anyone put a Ferrari on a crappy set of tires, that resulted in my first UPSsystem  ever sold over 15 years ago.

​Power, Power Distribution, Precision Cooling and Fire Suppression are the key building blocks of any Enterprise Data Center.  They ensure continuity between the physical aspects of the Data Center and your IT Infrastructure while mitigating risk of loss and outage.

  • Power Design & Layout
  • ​UPS Power & Power Distribution Installation & Integration
  • ​Closet Design, Cabling & Power Management
  • ​Rack & Power Distribution
  • ​Emergency Power Installation & Integration
  • Cooling Design
  • ​Cooling & Isle Air Management Installation & Integration
  • ​Low-V Cabling & Cable Management
  • ​Fire Suppression Design & Installation